Committee Memberships

1974–1982 Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and Donner Laboratory Human Use Committee

1974–1978 LBNL Biology and Medicine Division, Program Advisory Committee

1976–1980 NHLBI Program Project Review

1980–1982 Chairman, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Committee on Medical

1980–1988 Board of Trustees, Society of Magnetic Resonance

1980–1990 Medical Internal Radiation Dose Committee, Society of Nuclear Medicine

1982-1985 Chairman, Diagnostic Radiology Study Section, NIH, Division of Research Grants

1984–1996 Chairman, Committee on Biological Effects, Comm. on Nuclear Magnetic
      Resonance, American College of Radiology

1985–1993 The Whitaker Foundation, Scientific Review Committee

1986–1990 Chairman, Reactor Hazards Committee, UCB

1988–1992 National Tritium Labeling Facility Advisory Committee

1990–1994 Chairman, IEEE Standards Board, Subcommittee 28 (nonionizing radiation)

1990–1998 Executive Committee, Department of Radiology, UCSF

1991–1994 Board of Trustees, Society of Nuclear Medicine

1994-1996 Editorial Board, Journal of Nuclear Medicine National Research Council

1996 NRC Committee in Physics and Mathematics of Dynamic Biomedical Imaging, Co-Chair

1997–1999 National Research Council Committee on Strengthening the Linkages Between
      the Sciences and Mathematics, Chair

1997–2008 Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects (IRB), UCB (Chair, fall 2004)

1997–2001 Executive Committee, Whitaker College of Health Sciences, MIT

(Vice-chair 2003, chair 2004) NAE Committee on Membership

1997–2001 External Advisory Committee, Bioengineering, University of Alberta/Calgary

1998–1999 National Academy of Engineering Bioengineering Peer Committee, Chair

1998–2004 Executive Committee, College of Engineering, UCB

1998–2004 External Advisory Committee, USC Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

1999–2008 Committee on Engineering Science, UCB

1999–2004 National Space Biomedical Research Institute, External Advisory Council

2000–2006 External Advisory Committee, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Dept. of Bioengineering

2002–2009 Scientific Advisory Committee, Donald W. Reynolds Foundation

2008-2015 National Research Council Board

2009 National Academies NIST Panel on Physics

2010–pres Committee on Engineering Ethics and Social Responsibility (Minner Inititative),
      College of Engineering, UCB

2010-2012 National Research Council (NRC) Committee on Body Armor

2010-2011 NRC Committee on Future Opportunities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean

2012-pres NRC Committee on High Magnetic Field Science in the U.S.A.